What to do after an Auto Collision?

At the scene of the collision there are a lot of things to remember:

  1. Stop: always stop your vehicle in the occurrence of a collision even if you aren’t at fault
  2. Call 911: if someone is seriously injured or if you suspect any other driver may be guilty of a Criminal Code offence
  3. Ensure Safety: don’t move anyone injured in the collision, as you may make their condition worse. Don’t stand on the road to inspect the damage as you can put yourself at risk. Move your vehicle off of the road if it is drivable or turn on your hazard lights if not.
  4. Report to the Police: if anyone is injured, if the driver doesn’t have proper documentation, or if one of the vehicles isn’t drivable, if the total damage of the vehicle appears to be more than $2000.
  5. Exchange Contact and Insurance Information: all parties involved need to exchange information, if the driver is uncappable to do so, a passenger may. If someone refuses to do so, document their license plate number, vehicle description and driver description before they leave the scene.
  6. Notify your Insurer and Get Advice: after reporting the collision to the police, advice your insurance company regardless of who was at fault.

Always remember that it is advised that:

  1. Do not voluntarily assume liability, take responsibility, or sign statements regarding fault.
  2. Do not pay, or promise to pay, for damages at the scene of the collision.
  3. Do not agree to forget about the collision.
  4. Do not accept money or discuss any settlement.


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