How we set a value for your claim

When you are injured due to the negligence of others, your life can be turned upside down. As your lawyer, I work with you to determine the impact the accident will have on your life, and to seek fair and reasonable compensation.

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1. Loss of Income

Has the accident prevented you from working? Will it limit your ability to earn future income? This is a key consideration behind any injury settlement.

2. Vehicle Damage

If you were in a car accident, it is important to assess the damage to the value of your vehicle, as well as the costs around replacement or repair.

3. Treatment Costs

Immediate or long-term medical expenses that are not covered through Alberta Health or a personal insurance plan can quickly add up, and be factored in. Examples include:

  • Prescriptions and medications
  • Treatment (physiotherapy, dentist, chiropractor, etc.)
  • Medical assistance and devices

4. Mileage

All of those trips for medical treatment and appointments can add up. These costs are factored into your claim, based on a formula of 50¢/km.

5. Other

Every case is unique. It will be determined if there are other factors that may be relevant to your situation (eg. Housekeeping services, replacement of child seats, rental vehicles, etc.).


While it may never be possible to put a price on your injury, there are several criteria that insurance companies, courts and mediators follow when negotiating a settlement. We will seek damages to fairly compensate you for your injuries, and the personal impact. Injuries will be evaluated through:

 Medical charts
 Medical reports
 X-rays & imaging
 Accident benefit file


Setting reasonable expectations

We have all heard of instances in the USA where claimants are awarded multi-million dollar settlements. In Canada, the vast majority of cases are capped at a maximum amount. I specialize in helping you work within these realities to get a fair settlement – while ensuring you are optimizing the claim avenues available to you.

Did you know?


is the maximum cap for injury payout (reserved for the most serious cases).


is the upper cap for whiplash and some TMJ injuries.

“Thank you for your time and patience. Your kindness makes this process a bit more bearable” - Trish