I am Mark Nikel, personal injury lawyer and founder of Exclusively Injury Law. I have more than 30 years of experience working in the area of personal injury and have developed an excellent reputation for achieving maximum results for my injured clients and their families. At Exclusively Injury Law, I focus on six main practice areas.

My entire firm is composed of only the most capable and dedicated people who use the most up-to-date technology in order to efficiently and effectively achieve the best possible results.

I know how the insurance industry works, including when it is in my client’s best interest to settle a case without a trial and when going to trial is the best choice. In making this decision, I review all the medical records, investigative and police reports, take witness statements and depositions, and hire the best and most relevant experts.

Throughout my career I have:

    • Litigated essentially all types of injury and accident claims.
    • Achieved out-of-court settlements up to $5 million in tax-free structured settlements.
    • Presented and argued cases before private and judicial Mediation and Arbitration Panels in order to achieve settlements without going to trial.
    • Been a partner in one of the oldest and largest and well-respected insurance defense firms in Alberta.

My experience has taught me how the insurance defense side of the process works and makes me an extremely effective litigator on behalf of my injured clients.