Slip & Fall on Ice or Snow

slip-fallThe City of Edmonton, aware that serious injuries or even death can result if someone slips and falls on ice or snow, requires business and private property owners to remove snow and ice from walkways within a certain period of time after a snowfall. Owners of businesses, such as retail stores and hotels as well as apartment owners, are charged with the responsibility of also keeping their parking lots and adjacent areas free from the hazards of ice and snow.

Some property owners, anticipating a second storm within hours after the first, neglect to remove the slippery hazard. Those who fail to remove the snow are taking some big risks. They may receive a citation from the city, but a greater risk is that someone will be seriously injured by slipping and falling on the ice or snow. If that happens, and the owner was negligent in not timely clearing away the ice and snow, the property owner may be liable for all the damage suffered by the injured person.

Slipping and falling on snow or ice often causes broken bones such as those of the arms, legs or hips. Spinal injuries are common. An Edmonton woman recently died from a head injury she received when she slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk.

If you were injured due to slipping and falling on ice or snow in an area where property owners or managers could have foreseen such an accident could happen, and they could have prevented the accident by having removed the ice and snow, you may have a claim for damages.

At Exclusively Injury Law, I am dedicated to helping you with your claim. If working towards a settlement is in your best interest, I am a skilled negotiator. If taking your case to trial is a better option, I will be thoroughly prepared and vigorously represent you in the courtroom. I will work diligently to obtain for you all the compensation to which you are entitled.